Sunday, January 8, 2017

Version 16 is Here!

Another release of My Spanish Phrasebook is finally here!  There's only one change to the app itself, but I think you'll appreciate it.  

You'll notice the font and images are much larger and easier to read.  That also means it's easier to touch the speaker icon so you can hear the phrase spoken out loud.

And of course, there are a lot of new phrases that have been added, 114 to be exact.  My Spanish Phrasebook now has 1877 phrases. 

Additions have been made to several categories, Beauty Shop, Work, Communication,  Movies, Vacation, Cell Phone, Clothes and Car to name a few. 

Let's take a look at a couple of the new phrases, starting with the Car Category.

It's in the trunk
Está en la maletera

While that phrase is pretty straight-forward, there are actually multiple words for the trunk of your car in Spanish.   Aside from maletera, there's cajuela, which is predominately used in Mexico.

It's in the trunk
Esta en la cajuela

You'll also find phrases that show you how to talk about the front and rear tires of your car, as well as the spare tire.

Es la llanta delantera derecha
It's the right front tire

Es la llanta trasera derecha
It's the right back tire

Necesito una llanta de refacción
I need a spare tire

Next you'll find a few new phrases for airport travel.

¿Cuánto tiempo antes hay que estar en el aeropuerto para vuelos internacionales?
How early do I have to be at the airport for an international flight?

¿Cambió la puerta de embarque para vuelo...?

Did the gate change for flight...?

And of course with this one you'd just mention your flight number at the end of the sentence.

Lastly I'll leave you with a few screen shots of some of the other new phrases.

And that's it for this release.  Going forward in addition to more phrases, you'll see some much needed and cool features added to the app, such as being able to add your own phrases. 

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the app more useful please leave them below.  Also feel free to mention any specific phrases or categories you'd like to see in the app.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's new in My Spanish Phrasebook version 9?

Now with over 1,200 phrases, version 9 of My Spanish Phrasebook is about to be released.   This short post will introduce you to the new features.  And if you've already got your copy, when version 9 is released Google Play will automatically deliver the new version directly to your phone.

For starters, if you like to just thumb through the list you'll be pleased to know the app now has a scroll bar to make that task a lot easier. 

To make the scroll bar appear all you have to do is start thumbing up or down through the list of phrases and it will appear.  Then all you have to do is drag it up or down. 

The new scroll bar will give you much better control over how fast or slow you move through the list and make it easier for you to stop exactly on the phrase you want.

The display now shows two new images, a star and an info bubble.  Let's talk about the star first.

The star indicates that the phrase you're looking at is new.  This is another great feature for those of you who like to scroll the list.  It's an instant visual indicator to help you find the new phrases to review so you can add them to your mental Spanish toolbox.

The info bubble  indicates there is more information available about the phrase.   If you see a phrase with the info bubble, tap the bubble and a separate screen pops up with a few quick notes to that give you more detail.  Here's what the info screen looks like:

You can expect to see many more phrases with info bubbles in the coming versions.

And as always, there are even more phrases.  Here are a few examples: 

Even more phrases and features are coming, so stay tuned.  My Spanish Phrasebook is determined to be the best and most useful Spanish phrasebook on the market.

Got a feature you'd like to see implemented in the phrasebook?  Do you have a new category you'd like to recommend?  Do you have an alternate or regional translation you'd like to have included?  Whatever is on your mind, post your comments below.

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